Advanced Design Exploration Field A Systematic Repertory Of Scientific And Design Opportunities

the shape of the futureFlaviano Celaschi, Roberto Iñiguez Flores, Xóchitl Arias González, Alejandro Limón García, Giovanna Trotta, Ruth León Morán, Noemí López Nuño, Alberto Rossa (2014). Advanced Design Exploration Field A Systematic Repertory Of Scientific And Design Opportunities. In: (a cura di): Flaviano Celaschi, Roberto Iñguez Flores, Ruth Maribel León Morán, Xochitl del Carmen Arias González, Ramiro Estrada Sainz, The shapes of the future as the front end of design driven innovation. p. 21-44, Mexico D.F.:PorruaPrint, ISBN: 9786075151472, Guadalajara (Messico), September 2014

The recent attention given to advanced design is due to important mutations and characteristics within the international context in which process design operates, increasing the complexity of the production and consumer systems, accelerating the processes of change and increasing the need for sustainable processes. All this can be attributed to a crisis in the traditional know-how involved.

Advanced design is an approach to the solution of problems of product innovation and social and production processes that it focuses on four dimensions: the time factor, the dynamics of continuous innovation, the need to rethink project tools and processes and the importance of transferring innovation from sectors and contexts opposite to those in which one operates. In this paper the authors try to define a comprehensive picture of the application fields and subjects of research current in advanced design in order to provide a guide addressed to the community of designers and design researchers interested in this combination of practices and the phenomena studied.

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